Why I started Amuse Pooch Dog Treats

People ask me all the time – There are so many dog treats on the market, WHY would you start a new dog treat company?

The answer is simple, the treats out on the market didn’t satisfy my needs nor those of my pooch, Leap.  Leap came home on February 29, 2016- a leap day!  She was rescued by Homeward Bound with her Mom and siblings from a kill shelter in Virginia.    The lil gal was 8 weeks old, 11 pounds and a gorgeous bundle of fluff.

As any new anxious puppy parent, I did research.  I read what seemed to be every article, blog, label and opinion on the internet.  I spoke to vets, dog trainers, pet shop owners, pet parents and dog walkers. And after validating facts, debunking some myths and seeing what the pooches wanted firsthand, I came up with what I think is the perfect treat and here is why:

  • Amuse Pooch treats are delicious.
    • First and foremost, your dog has to respond to the treat. Not just, ok I will eat it, but with the excitement and fervor we humans reserve for the things we love (a warm chocolate chip cookie, a fresh strawberry, a great burger or a pile of gold at the end of the rainbow)
  • Amuse Pooch treats are healthy.
    • The treats should be good eatin! Nutritious, wholesome and made with ingredients familiar to us.  Definitely, not a long list of ingredients that contain sesquipedalian words.  (Those are words with many syllables)
  • Amuse Pooch treats are easy to eat.
    • This was something that really bugged me. I was using various treats to reward my pup  — I wanted a quick reward so we could both quickly move on to the next task.  Treats should be able to be chewed and swallowed quickly.  The last thing you want is your pooch stopping in the middle of the activity to stop and chomp on a dog biscuit.  They should eat like potato chips.  Quick and satisfying.
  • Amuse Pooch treats are pocket and bag friendly.
    • You walk your dog in your workout gear, in your work clothes, in your finest and sometimes even in your pajamas. You carry dog treats in your pockets, your handbags and in your fanny packs.  I hated having a pocketful of stinky crumbs in those pockets.  I wanted treats that didn’t leave an icky residue in my pockets or on my hands.

So that is what I looked for in canine treats for my pooch, Leap – and I couldn’t find them on the market.  It took me over a year to develop the treats and bring them to market.  I worked with designers and developers to create a logo that was fun for the humans and a website that allows you to personalize the packaging.  To insure my recipes and procedures were safe for human handling and pooch eating, I consulted chefs and the Food Venture Center at Cornell University.

What does the future hold?  I am not sure, I am going to continue sell, market and create brand awareness for these awesome treats by Amuse Pooch. Currently, we are only licensed to ship treats in New York State, new states will be added regularly.  Check us out at AmusePoochTreats.com to see how great these treats are for your pooch.

This is Leap, just last week in New York City’s Riverside Park.  She is very proud of her big stick!

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