Where do you get your ingredients from?

  • All of our beef and chicken comes from London Meats, a purveyor to many of New York City’s local eateries and fine dining restaurants across the US, since 1968. Our sweet potatoes and coconut oils come from local farmers and grocery markets.

 Are they made in the USA?

  • Yes, all Amuse Pooch treats are made in small batches in New York City.

Is the chicken used antibiotic free?

  • Yes, we only use antibiotic free, ethically, pasture raised chicken breast in our treats.  The chickens are hatched, raised and farmed in the United States.

Should I supervise my pooch when giving them any dog treat or chew?

  • Yes, we always recommend supervision when giving your dog treats or chews.

How should I store my treats?

  • Amuse Pooch ships and packages all of our treats in resealable bags. These are a convenient way to store and preserve your treats. We recommend storing the bags in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Are the chicken chips cooked to prevent the spread of salmonella and other bacteria?

  • Chicken chips are oven baked and dehydrated using a proprietary method that kills any salmonella bacteria. This process has been approved by the Cornell Food Venture Center, Department of Food Science, Cornell University and New York State.

How do I redeem my Pooch Perks?

  • You receive one point for every dollar you spend on treats and personalization. When you reach 200 points you will receive a coupon for a complementary item of your choice.

How do I create a label?

  • Click on the personalize tab above on detailed instructions on creating your personalized label, alternatively click on your item and follow the on screen instructions.
  • If you are having trouble with your favorite picture, contact us at info@amusepoochtreats.com and we can help.

How long is the shelf life of the chicken chips and sweet potato chips?

  • All of our chips are made in small batches, just prior to shipping. We recommend using them within 3 months of purchase, but we doubt they will last that long!

How can I use the crumbs at the bottom of my bag?

  • Often due to shipping & handling, some crumbs are left at the bottom of the bag.  These are a valuable commodity and use them wisely - we recommend adding them to your dogs breakfast as an added bonus and some customers have told us they are great to sprinkle on the floor to distract your pooch when you leave.
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