How to create your own personalized label

We’ve made it easy to add a “little something extra” to your pet’s favorite snacks. Use our live personalizing tool, located on each product page, and you can add custom text, as well as a photo of your choice. Your custom additions will be printed, and applied onto the packaging of your choice, for just $2.50 extra.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your favorite snack that you wish to personalize.

2.  If you already know which product you want to edit, you can jump directly to editing, by clicking “Add to Cart and Personalize” from the shop view, of the item you want. Otherwise, if browsing the product descriptions, click the blue button, “personalize”, to open the editor.

3. Upload the image of your choice. Note: the image will auto re-size, so for best results, have your image cropped to a square shape ahead of time (as opposed to leaving it in rectangular layout).

4. Select your preferred font, and enter the text you’d like to appear on your label. Adjust character length as necessary to fit within the allotted space.

6. Click “Done”, and wait for the confirmation that your label was successfully generated.

7. Once you see that it was generated, click “add to cart”. If you wish to order more than one, update your quantity in the box provided. Otherwise, your single item will automatically be added to the cart. Note: if you accessed the editor by clicking on the “Add to Cart and Personalize” button, the item will automatically add to cart once you click “done”.



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